Helicopter Passenger Safety Guidelines

We will go over this information before each flight with every guest.

When we escort you out to the helicopter it may be already running. The most important thing to remember is to stay away from the back of the helicopter at all times. There is no need to go past the rear doors of the helicopter, so don’t. The tail rotor is very dangerous and must be avoided.  We will help you in and out of the helicopter and will be working the doors for you. If for any reason you need to work your own door, please do not slam them as they are fragile. As you enter the helicopter, please avoid stepping on the skids. If you have a small handbag, you can either hold it in your lap or we can put it under your seat for you for the duration of your flight.

Once inside please fasten your seatbelt. Depending on the helicopter you are in, we have different styles of seat belts.  In the back seats of the helicopter we use over the shoulder style seat belts that are found in vehicles and release by pressing the release button. Our front seats have two different seat belt styles, both employing a five-point harness. To release one one style, you must lift the latch past 90 degrees. The other style of seatbelt is a radial dial that can be twisted in either direction to release the seat belt.

Your headset will be located above your head. You will need to wear this to communicate with each other and your pilot. Make sure you place the microphone on the headset close to your mouth as it is sound activated. If you cannot hear yourself in your headset than we cannot hear you. 

There is a fire extinguisher at the feet of the front seat passenger and there are life vests on the side of each seat in a red pouch. (you will show them the life vest we have inside for demonstration purposes. There will be no smoking in or near the aircraft. This information is covered on a safety card attached to each door.