Our Favorite Seafood Dishes in Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska Seafood DishesIt’s no secret that we absolutely love our local Seward cuisine – and what better than the awesomely fresh seafood that Seward has to offer. Whether we are enjoying grilled silver salmon, baked halibut, or a round of fresh Alaskan oysters, we think that Seward has some absolutely amazing seafood. Here are our ten favorite seafood dishes from around town.

#1 Smoked Scallop Mac & Cheese – Chinook’s
This is, without doubt, the best mac and cheese we have ever had. It is rich, delicious and everything you could ask for in a dish. The smoked scallops are the perfect seafood touch to a hearty, Alaskan meal. If you aren’t hungry, consider splitting it with someone. Our personal favorite is to split this and the Beef Chopped Salad.

Another perk? Chinook’s is located in the Seward Boat Harbor and is on the waterfront. Guests can enjoy watching for seals, sea lions, and otters at they dine. We’ve been there many a time and watched the wildlife.

#2 Salmon Bake – The Salmon Bake
If you are in Alaska, experiencing fresh salmon should almost go without saying. But be warned: once you have fresh Alaskan wild salmon, you’ll never want any other kind. The Salmon Bake’s namesake dish the “Salmon Bake” is a heaping portion of Copper River Red Salmon that has been flash frozen. The only fresher fish you could get is if you pulled it out of the river yourself.

The salmon prepared at the Salmon Bake is absolutely fantastic — you’ll be amazed that fish could taste that good. With the “Salmon Bake” dinner you also get to choose two sides. Our personal favorites are the sautéed corn and the baked potato.
Looking for a lighter fair? Consider The Salmon Bake’s “Salmon Sandwhich” or a salad with grilled Salmon instead.
The Salmon Bake is located on Exit Glacier Road.
#3 The Halibut Basket – Thorn’s Showcase Lounge

It’s hard to say they have the best fried halibut in town (there are so many delicious options!) but Thorn’s Showcase Lounge certainly is somewhere at the top of the list. Locals rave about their food. They have a unique interior featuring hundreds of old uniquely shaped bottles — with their collection rumored being worth thousands of dollars.

This is a great place to catch a bite to eat, catch up on sports, and grab a drink. It definitely has more of a bar vibe than other establishments on this list but is still kid-friendly. Consider going here if you want to catch a baseball game or for a quick bite to eat in the afternoon. They have fast, friendly service and, more importantly, excellent dessert.
Thorn’s is located in downtown Seward a few blocks up from the Alaska Sealife Center.

#4 The Crispy Halibut Wrap – The Alaska Seafood Grille
One of the things we enjoy about the Alaska Seafood Grille is that everything is a la carte and they have very reasonable prices. Their specialty is in deep fried food so if you are looking for a healthier alternative know that their menu may be rather limited. What they do do, they do well  and they do quickly.

We often combine one or two things of fried fish or clams, skipping out on french fries. I like the freedom their menu offers and quick service. For a small group, their service tends to be exceptionally quick. They serve up their dishes as soon as they are ready so for larger groups don’t plan on sitting down and eating all at once.

These guys are located in the Seward Harbor and are a great choice to go to before getting on a wildlife cruise or a half-day fishing trip.

#5 Oysters – The Cookery
Anything you have at the cookery is going to be amazing — but they oysters are truly excellent. The cookery advertises itself as an oyster bar. Whether you opt for the oysters raw or broiled you will be in for a real treat. The Cookery has made our list twice, so read on to check out more of their amazing menu!

We’d definitely say that the Cookery is a must-visit restaurant for foodies! The Cookery is located in downtown Seward. It always features rotating local artists as its artwork too.

#6 Seafood Chowder – The Seward Brewery
This chowder is absolutely awesome. It’s got a little bit of everything and is the perfect way to end a chilly day spent out on the water or out on the trail. They’ve got unique food and great locally brewed beer. Opt for the sampler to try it all, then get a glass of your favorite brew. If you like the beer, consider getting a growler to take on your journey. If you do that, you can actually refill it at other brewery’s along your roadtrip.

#7 Fruitti Dimarre – Apollo’s Restaurant
This seafood pasta has a little bit of everything. Apollo’s really specializes in seafood pasta’s so if that’s your thing, look no further! They also will cook your “catch of the day” so if you go fishing, feel free to bring it in! Apollo’s does great pizza as well — always a hit with the kids.

#8 Catch of The Day – The Cookery
We’d rave about every dish here if we could. If you really want to indulge your taste buds, opt for the catch of the day at the Cookery. It changes daily so we can’t say much except that their baked halibut is buttery, melt-in-your-mouth amazingness. Their salmon is equally good. You can’t go wrong with the seafood here. You never know what tasty surprise Chef Kevin Lane will concoct but you can be sure it will be delightful! This is a definite “repeat” and it’s worth visiting the Cookery more than once during your visit to Seward. Chef Lane is legendary and has won cooking awards both locally in Alaska and nationally. His cooking is worth the visit.

We’d recommend adding on their “Warm Cashews” as a starter. You’ll be amazed at how something so simple could be so good. For the grand finale, we recommend the “Hot Dutch Baby With Icecream and Blueberry Sauce” — words really can’t do this immaculate creation justice!

#9 Shrimp Pineapple Curry – Woody’s Thai Food
If you like Thai Food, you will love Woody’s. It’s hard to pick just one dish here as they really do a great job in specializing in Thai food. Whatever you will get, you will love. Their pineapple curry is our personal favorite. We frequently order takeout from here on a nice day and take it to one of the many beautiful places to picnic in town.

Other must order items are the “Swimming Rama” and the “Cream Cheese Wontons.”

#10 The Halibut BLT – Chinook’s

A classic reborn! The Halibut BLT is a great ode to summer. This is a truly awesome sandwich. We’re BLT fanatics so we really love this. Chinook’s has a great seafood but these dishes rotate a fair bit from year to year and season to season. They always do a great rockfish, which is another white fish and their halibut fish and chips are also awesome. You really can’t go wrong ordering seafood here. They’ve got the best calamari in town and also the only sushi bar. Their sushi is a newer addition and is highly Alaskan. Sushi is only available in the evenings but is well worth the adventure. They’ve got a great cocktail list too for those looking to unwind at the end of the day. Our personal favorites are the “Ginger Snap” and the “Spicy Thai Soda.”

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