Turning Heads Kennel — Summer Dog Sled Ride & Kennel Tour

filename-archiesilverVisit the kennel of 2013 Iditarod veteran and up and coming mushing super star, Travis Beals. Your tour begins with a multi-media hands-on presentation about dog mushing. Stand on a dog sled, hear our stories from the race trail, and learn why our sled dogs were destined to run. We’ll then hook up fourteen excited huskies to our custom built cart. You won’t believe their enthusiasm, as we get ready to go. Once out on the trail, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what’s around the next bend, as our dog team navigates our winding trails. Watch as our dogs effortlessly respond to over 15 commands from either Travis or Sarah, giving you a one-of-a-kind lead dog demonstration and introduction to dog mushing. We’ll even stop on the trail at an active Eagle’s nest for you to view and enjoy. Our tours are intentionally kept small to create an intimate one-on-one experience where all your questions can be answered. Raining? No problem! We know the weather in Seward and have designed a tour to keep you warm and dry so that you can focus on having fun. Learn more.

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